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Laurie Mayers is a 1995 graduate of U.S. Career Institute which is headquartered in Colorado.  She obtained her certification in note reading (steno), medical and legal terminology, formatting legal transcripts, English, punctuation as well as other subjects the course offered such as marketing and setting up a successful work-at-home service tailored to meet the needs of the ever-busy court reporter. 

During her 20-year career as a court reporter assistant, Laurie has worked closely with a number of court reporters including court reporters who are employed by courthouses (covering both criminal and civil litigation proceedings), as well as those who are employed by such agencies as the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Laurie has also worked closely with many freelance court reporters that work for court reporting agencies and who specialize mostly in deposition testimony.  She has extensive experience in formatting and editing transcripts for various types of meetings including round-table discussions and audience participation events. 

Laurie continues to keep informed of any new developments in the court reporting and scopist industry with respect to CAT software (Computer-Aided Transcription) equipment, and audio recording apparatuses. 

Laurie holds a notary license for Queen Anne’s County
, Maryland and is an associate member in good standing with the NCRA.